Customized Programs

All workshops are tailored to the client. There is no standard workshop. Each learning event will be designed and delivered in full consultation with you.

Variables we consider include:










In sum, we design a customized workshop that will maximize your results in the professional development of your staff.


A workshop can be from half-day day to three days depending on the time available, budget considerations and practice levels required.


Workshops range from 2 to 200 people. Offered to smaller groups for intensive coaching and training. Provided to mid-size and larger groups for the benefit of group interaction and skill demonstrations.


Provided for the leader/manager, support staff, for those in-between or for integrated staff situations.


Books and/or training aids are provided with each workshop to reinforce and support the implementation of course learnings.


Do we offer it right at your business site or do we go to a neutral place where office distractions are kept to a minimum? Availability, budget and timing all help in deciding what is best for your organization.


We work at creating an exciting and inviting environment, so specific room layout conditions are discussed with you.



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