In Brief


  • Incorporated 1991


  • More than 60 000 Canadians have attended our workshops


  • High Impact Training
  • Proactive People Skills
  • Coaching for Peak Performance
  • Power Presentations
  • Tool Kit for Facilitators

Current Activity

  • Over 100 customized, in-house workshops per annum
  • Average length of workshop - 2 days
  • Average number of participants per workshop is 25


  • To advance the professional development of your staff
  • To provide practical, relevant and timely training for immediate implementation
  • To continue our relationship, providing just-in-time training and resources to your company






Three stage process

The development of in-house, customized training programs includes:

  • Design... conduct audience audit and program assessment
  • Delivery... presentation of program and formal evaluation
  • Dedication… follow-up consultation and support to your training program needs

Outcome driven

  • Each program is organized with learning modules that have specific objectives. This promotes choice and change in program design and delivery for you.
  • Formal and informal evaluations are provided at each developmental stage.


  • It begins with you and ends when the training goals have been accomplished. We help you to help your people achieve exceptional results.



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