Our Approach

We learn best by 'doing'. So our focus is on workshops or hands-on learning. A practical, problem-solving orientation is taken, grounded in relevant and time-tested information. Hallmarks of our approach include:

Relationship Based

We work hard at earning your trust and providing effective solutions to your performance improvement challenges.

Audience Audit

Prior to the program, we conduct a thorough audit of your needs. As a result our program content is realistic and relevant because it addresses the issues and concerns of your staff for today and tomorrow.


We are independent - not affiliated with any trade group, university, or methodology provider. Our independence allows us to provide the best to you - no 'pat' solutions, just the right learning at the right time.


We avoid the 'talk and gauk' kind of learning. Our workshops are involving, fun, high content and intensive. We encourage participants to 'work' at their learning.

Continuous Improvement

We are constantly researching and working on our programs. We model what we'll teach to your learners!


After the workshop we provide ongoing service to you to ensure that the time we've invested in training gets maximum benefit for your staff.



We know our programs and how they can best work for you. Quick simply, we take pride in the way we can 'advance your professional development'.


You receive a summative report on workshop results within one week of the event. We use this report as part of our on-going association with you.

Take Away!

Each participant will leave with book(s) and/or other learning 'tools' to help them transfer their learning back at work.



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