Book Highlights

Knowing Me, Knowing You… a guide to proactive people skills

Book highlights

  • learn a quicker, smarter way to understand self and others
  • communicate with confidence
  • respond to 3 short surveys to assess your personality


  • use the peoplePAD to build winning, working relationships
  • winning a life by balancing your life – 4 easy steps
  • learn about the 12 factors that shape your past


  • take charge of your future by learning 7 powerful life lessons
  • discover and reframe your “guidebook” with proactive thinking
  • use the T•L•C behavior model to develop greater empathy


  • use 9 practical tips to build a stronger you
  • get to know the complete you – nature, nurture, and noble!
  • move past your past – the art of proactive thinking


  • how your CQ (character quotient) eclipses your IQ
  • live to learn, learn to live by using 7 character maxims
  • get good at using the 3 best communication choices


  • use 21 maxims to help you and others reach your potential
  • live a future by design, not default
  • complete a personal action plan to build mutual trust and respect

This book delivers on all of the above and much, much more!
Embark on an exciting journey to advance your people skills by ordering this book.