Knowing Me, Knowing You…peoplePAD

Knowing Me, Knowing You… a guide to proactive people skills

Bonus - the peoplePAD

Knowing Me, Knowing You comes with a bonus – the peoplePAD. This ‘tool’ helps you build winning, working relationships. It is inserted at the end of the book. Please note that the peoplePAD is an integral part of the book. It cannot be purchased separately.

Features of the peoplePAD

  • learn the 3 key factors that shape your personality
  • identify your primary and secondary temperament style
  • explore the 12 factors that make up your past


  • learn about ‘line walking’ – being the best at communicating
  • identify 12 key values that create personal awareness and motivation
  • discover significant life lessons that shape your thinking


  • learn how to balance your assertive self with your softer side
  • complete three questionnaires to assess your personality
  • get 21 life maxims that will change your life!

and much more!



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