Knowing Me, Knowing You…what people are saying

What others are saying about “Knowing Me, Knowing You”

“This book has transformed the way I communicate. The ‘line walking’ exercise has shown me how I get off the line (not good) and how I can manage to stay on my line (real good) and be a far better communicator. Thanks!!”
Jeff Summers, Senior Policy Advisor

“Can’t wait to start using the innovative and doable ideas I got from Knowing Me, Knowing You book!”
William Roberts, Team Leader

“The T•L•C model on human behavior is easy to understand yet comprehensive and complete. I’ll be using it in helping me work more effectively with my peers.
Brian O’Conner, Vice President, Field Operations

“Wonderful book, great insight to myself, coworkers, and family.”
Betty Smith-Rogers, Manager, Human Resources

“This book provides me the tools to assist me on my journey to move into management roles.”
Ken Landers, Acting Area Manager

“An engaging, energetic and enlightening book. The line walking chapter will change the way I communicate not just with my peers but also with family and friends. Amazing!”
Rhonda Fergusson, Program Manager

“I learned about life lessons and how they impact my coping strategies. I have already begun to reframe some of my ‘reactive’ thinking into proactive thoughts. Thanks much!”
Jackie Winfield, Senior Communications Advisor

“The best book on people skills. Full of practical ideas with enlightening stories that have made a profound impact on my life. Thanks much!”
Steven Sanderson, Senior Project Leader   



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