Book Highlights

The Trainer in You… how to design & deliver dynamic workshops

Book Highlights

  • motivate adults using an easy-to-use 8 step training cycle
  • take any training topic and turn it into a high-impact workshop
  • reduce preparation time by 50% with the new POWERtool


  • use 75 proven and fully prepared training techniques
  • manage difficult classroom moments with confidence
  • increase learner accountability to ensure transfer to the job


  • appeal to all learning styles
  • learn more than 20 ways to enrich and enliven your lectures
  • prepare relevant and exciting course outcomes with ease


  • learn how to get participant buy-in and keep interest high
  • acquire 15 hands-on techniques to get the results you want
  • adopt 12 ways to help participants get ready to learn


  • assess your training style and how it influences classroom climate
  • facilitate with skill so your groups are productive and collaborative
  • get rave reviews every time using over 150 timely training tips


  • apply more than 40 audio-visual tips for simple to advanced presentations
  • learn how to use Q & A sessions to advance your training outcomes
  • enjoy training to it's fullest potential


This book delivers on all of the above and much, much more!



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