The Trainer in You… table of contents

The Trainer in You… how to design & deliver dynamic workshops

Table of Contents


Part One: Design
Chapter 1: The A's Have It!
Chapter 2: Expanding the A's
Chapter 3: Before and After A's
Chapter 4: Purpose-Driven Training

Part Two: Delivery
Chapter 5: Affiliation Techniques
Chapter 6: Attention Techniques
Chapter 7: Acquisition Techniques
Chapter 8: Application Techniques
Chapter 9: Action Techniques
Chapter 10: Affirmation Techniques

Part Three: Dynamics
Chapter 11: The Fifth Dimension
Chapter 12: Growing Health Groups
Chapter 13: Growth Dynamics
Chapter 14: Leading Difficult Groups

Part Four: Development
Chapter 15: Learning Styles
Chapter 16: Training in Style
Chapter 17: Planning with Style
Chapter 18: The POWERtool

Appendix One: Sample Room Arrangements
Appendix Two: Visual Aids
Appendix Three: Q & A
Appendix Four: Seminar Services



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