The Trainer in You… what people are saying

The Trainer in You is a best selling book. Here’s a sampling of what people are saying about this book.


“A must read for new or experienced trainers, presenters, instructors and facilitators! This book is loaded with practical, proven and powerful techniques you can use immediately.”

Peter Urs Bender, Author of “Secret Presentations”


“A great buy!! Usually you’d pay well over $60 for a book of this training the trainer book. High quality, easy read and practical content.”

Jeff Summers, VP Sales


"A book obviously written by a practitioner. The contents of this book are practical with just enough ‘theory’ to let you know that the author knows his stuff. The POWERtool is really a bonus too!”

Susan O’Leary, Team Lead

“Thee best book I’ve ever read for the training of trainers. Bar none.”

Robert Booker, Training Manager

“Informative, inspiring and insightful. And what a compelling story teller!”

Medhat Mahdy, Senior Vice President

“ Rich in training techniques and tips that I can use in tomorrow’s workshop. Written up in clear and concise language.  Can stand on it’s own as a great book for training the trainer.”

Sandra Jennings-Taylor, Consultant

“I bought one book for the training department. With the way it’s getting used, I’ll be buying one book for each trainer!”

Georgina Wright, Learning Consultant



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