• The Trainer in You   ( 6 Articles )

    The Trainer in You… how to design & deliver dynamic workshops

    A best selling book!
    Over $200,000.00 in sales!


    Now in it’s third edition!
    Practical, proven and professional

    For new or experienced trainers, instructors, facilitators or presenters
    Over 75 creative techniques available

    Bonus – the POWERtool – a guide to delivering dynamic workshops

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  • Knowing Me, Knowing You   ( 6 Articles )

    Knowing Me, Knowing You… a guide to proactive people skills

    Written by a best selling author
    Powerful lessons for personal and interpersonal change


    A quicker, smarter way to understand self & others
    A practical guide for improving communication

    Provides the tools to make a difference in your life and others
    Based on Hugh’s popular seminar, “Proactive People Skills”

    Bonus – the peoplePAD… how to build wining, working relationships

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