Nov 10 2011

Gap Analysis Profile

How do you rate as a presenter?

Here’s a tool that helps you to identify your greatest strengths as a presenter and the areas where you might need more work. There are 20 statements, each one specifying a particular communication skill. Place an “X” on the dotted line to indicate how you would rate yourself on each skill. At the end of the exercise, draw lines between the “X’s” so you can see at a glance what communication skills you excel at and which ones need work.



Performance Skills
1. I find it easy to express my ideas in front of groups
2. I am able to deliver with minimal reliance on notes 
3. I’m comfortable using eye contact            
4. I welcome the opportunity to speak at a meeting     
5. I feel comfortable addressing a large audience         
6. My gestures are congruent with my message           
7. I find it easy to use humour with an audience          

Voice skills
8. I am able to project my voice – it is easily heard   
9. My voice does not fade at the end of sentences   
10. I avoid “uh,” “um,” an other verbal bumpers   
11. I use vocal variety to add meaning to my words   
12. I speak at a rate acceptable to the audience   
13. My voice feels good after an hour of speaking   
14. Hoarseness, nasality and hesitation are absent   

Technical Skills
15. I speak directly and concisely           
16. I use my planning time effectively       
17. I use appropriate grammar           
18. I’m good at creating appropriate visual aids   
19. I use anecdotes and stories to support my ideas   
20. I conduct an audience audit before I speak

My greatest strengths are…

My greatest needs are…


1       2        3        4        5        6        7        8        9      10
low                                                                               high





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