Coaching for Peak Performance… sample workshop program

Coaching Parameters

Setting goals and perspectives for high-impact coaching

  • The attributes and attitudes of dynamic coaches
  • What is coaching… the fundamentals
  • What coaches do to help and/or hinder an employee
  • My current coaching abilities and what I need to work on
  • The 5 criteria for every successful coaching event


Coaching Procedures

Understanding the discipline of coaching

  • The C•O•A•C•H plan... 5 easy to use steps
  • 18 specific skills coaches use regularly
  • Creating 'flow' and adaptability in conversation
  • Active listening... the foundation to trust and respect
  • Using the 4 levels of collaborative conversation
  • How the C•O•A•C•H guarantees you impressive results


Coaching Practice

Developing coaching competence and confidence

  • Practice sessions to work the C•O•A•C•H plan
  • Communicating habits that create openness and trust
  • Increasing employee’s self-awareness through constructive feedback
  • Inspiring commitment, consistency and credibility
  • Constructive feedback to advance your coaching abilities
  • Using the C•O•A•C•H plan to maintain peak performance

Coaching in Groups

Using group resources for productive sessions

  • Pacing discussions for shared understanding
  • Mediating conflict... getting parties to party
  • 5 coaching techniques to maximize team involvement
  • Decision-making... understanding and using group process
  • Moving groups from divergent to convergent thinking
  • Giving feedback to advance group awareness


Coaching People

Understanding self and others

  • The 'human element' in coaching
  • How to astutely observe and relate to others
  • Valuing others without having to accept their behaviour
  • Adapting your coaching style to gain credibility
  • Strategies for eliminating defensive behaviours
  • 5 steps you can take to increase your coaching versatility


Coaching Plans

Results for yourself and your company

  • Personal success coaching... modeling what you want!
  • Contracts and action plans: making them work
  • How to ‘add value’ to ensure commitment and change
  • The breakthrough technique... four steps to ensuring action
  • Coaching network... how coaches can support each other


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