Coaching for Peak Performance… what you’ll learn


  • Innovative 5 step plan: C•O•A•C•H
  • Personal assessment questionnaire - the coach in you
  • Personal success coaching - how to model what you want
  • 18 specific skills to develop masterful coaching
  • 4 types of coaching moments - how to determine your goals


  • The art and skill of mentoring: using the wisdom of coach and employee
  • How to manage confrontation coaching for win-win
  • Using the 4 levels of collaborative conversation
  • Developing trust and respect in counseling moments
  • The breakthrough technique - 4 steps for coaches


  • The 7 habits of highly effective coaches
  • Discovering your style and how it impacts coaching
  • Commitment, consistency and credibility - how to model and inspire them
  • The 5 compass points for coaches - mapping the territory
  • Principles for authentic and purpose-driven coaching


Your five step C-O-A-C-H system simplifies the coaching process for me. I leave with a practical and useful system to help my employees.

Bruce Walker Vice-President, Human Resources


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