High Impact Training… What you’ll learn


  • How to take any training topic and turn it into high-impact workshop
  • Motivate adults with ease using an 8 step training cycle
  • Practical, time-tested workshop design strategies
  • Reduce planning time by 50% using the innovative POWERtool
  • How to plan instructor-led, participant-centered workshops



  • Learn 20 ways to enrich and enliven your lectures
  • Assess your learning style and learn how it influences your training
  • Apply 40 audio-visual tips for simple and advanced presentations
  • Adapt 15 interactive application techniques to ensure the learning results you want
  • Acquire more than 30 new and proven creative training techniques



  • Manage challenging moments with competence
  • Increase accountability to ensure transfer to the job
  • Appeal to all learning styles
  • Ensure you get participant buy-in and keep interest high
  • 7 ‘training secrets’ to help you model what you want
  • Facilitate action to ensure participants use what they learn


Fabulous! I will recommend to others. I have done workshops before, but I walk away with clear ideas of what I will do in my next workshop.

Daniel Haley
 Program Manager


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