High Impact Training… sample workshop program

Achieving Results

New motivational methods that work

  • Innovative 6-step strategy to motivate participants
  • How to ‘think audience’ to control your fears
  • Using three R's to create a readiness for training of trainers
  • 6 effective ways to 'engage' your learners
  • Room set-ups to increase learner involvement

Interactive Learning

The best of instructional techniques

  • 10 alternatives to "talk and gawk"
  • Giving crystal clear and concise instructions
  • Interactive lectures - a dozen options for training trainers
  • 8 methods for answering questions effectively
  • 10 tips to keep momentum and anticipation high

Preparation Strategies

Using effective and efficient organizers

  • 7 habits of highly successful trainers
  • Climate-building checklist – planning for success
  • Practical tips for managing time productively
  • Rapport building: before, during and after a workshop
  • Audience audits to personalize content and ensure relevance

Creative Techniques

Innovative ways to 'work' your message

  • Accelerated learning techniques for efficient training
  • Seven visual techniques to keep attention
  • Web training sites - what's hot, what's new, what's useful
  • Ten value-added program extras to customize content
  • Demos - from flip charts to the newest desktop projectors

Group Dynamics

Win-win strategies for effective group work

  • Guiding the 3 stages of group learning
  • Learn how to 'read' a group through verbal behaviours
  • 5 productive group discussion techniques for training
  • Practice the 5 communication options in group work
  • Group discussion: check-up on current skills


Intervention Skills

Positive results with problem people

  • Dealing successfully with 'passives and prisoners'
  • Managing 'HAS' (high anxiety syndrome)
  • 'Bush fires' - how to cope and constructively facilitate
  • Managing "too much content, too little time" dilemma in training
  • How to create a collaborative learning environment



How you can really 'make a difference'

  • Tips on using the POWERtool to plan
  • Matching learning activities with preferred thinking styles
  • Linking 75 training techniques in one ‘tool’
  • How to start and end well using the POWERtool
  • Using POWERtool to integrate 2 days of learning


Putting It Together

Getting action beyond the workshop

  • Building-in accountability and learner responsibility
  • Innovative networking techniques for on-going support
  • Proactive tips for trainers – taking care of ‘you’
  • 10 ways to build credibility and trust in training the trainer
  • The 'wow' factor - becoming confident and competent



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