Power Presentations… smartpad

Power Presentations

The SMARTpad is an innovative planning and design tool for giving dynamic presentations

The SMARTpad will:

  • reduce preparation time by at least 50%
  • provide 12 sequential steps to design of a powerful presentation
  • enhance your creativity and enthusiasm for speaking

  • ensure that you know your audience – what will work
  • give you a 'bottom line' for every presentation
  • help identify 3 key speaking outcomes for every talk

  • provide strategic options in the delivery of your presentation
  • reveal the secret of where to start planning your speech - and it's not the beginning!
  • high impact openings and closings for greater results

  • make best use of practice time
  • allow you to ‘customize’ and ‘personalize’ your talk
  • increase your anticipation for success

and much, much more!


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