Power Presentations… sample workshop program

Develop Confidence

Achieving your performance potential

  • 3 specific steps to control fears
  • Self-assess your current skill level
  • How to transform threatening situations into safe ones
  • Learn the quintessential elements of dynamic presentations
  • How to prevent mistakes from ruining your confidence
  • Equip your self for success - personalized checklists


Effective Planning

Organizing with focus and ease

  • Presentation design made easy using the SMARTpad
  • Step by step planning checklist to present well
  • 3 key communication principles to guide all talks
  • Learn the S•T•A•R•T method for stronger openings
  • The 6 R's for effective and appropriate use of humour
  • Employ the S•T•O•P method for high impact closings


Audience Commitment

You care. They care!

  • The 5 stages to building audience commitment
  • Rapport building - before, during and after
  • Present unique openings and closings that show you care
  • Targeting your talk - conducting audience audits
  • 5 signals audiences want in the first 5 minutes
  • Seating arrangement options for maximum audience interaction

Persuasion Techniques

Present with substance and style

  • Getting by the 'gatekeeper' - the key to believability
  • 7 visual techniques - adding punch and power
  • How to get your audience to reach a decision
  • Using "non-verbals" to enhance your influence
  • 4 essentials of a great communicator
  • Specific tips on pacing, inflection and projection


Special Situations

Dealing with presentation challenges

  • Impromptu speaking using a practical 4-step method
  • Dealing with the 6 myths of technical presentations
  • Adapt your style but not your message to tough situations
  • Staying on schedule - a dozen tips and techniques
  • 5 methods to handle questions effectively
  • How to prepare speaker intros and thank-you’s


Presentation Coaching

Using constructive feedback for growth

  • Discover your 3 best presentation assets
  • Present with comfort and confidence
  • Practice 9 techniques to deliver dynamic presentations
  • How to ‘coach’ yourself before every presentation
  • Extensive bibliography for reference and follow-up
  • Complete an action plan for ongoing improvement


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