Power Presentations… what you’ll be able to do

  • Cut preparation time by 50% using the SMARTpad.
  • Develop innovative presentation strategies.
  • Use humour as a powerful presentation tool.
  • Draw upon 9 professional techniques to enhance your speaking.

  • Adopt a simple system to present without notes.
  • Take 3 proactive steps to make best use of your nervous energy
  • Use quotations, anecdotes and analogies to inform, educate and inspire.
  • Learn the body-language that helps build credibility with your audience.

  • Adopt a practical 4-step method for impromptu or short-notice presentations.
  • Use simple tactics to prevent 'choking' and losing your train of thought.
  • Productively manage question-and-answer sessions.
  • Involve and interest your audience in technical material.

  • Avoid the 4 presentation errors audience won't forgive.
  • Use checklists to mange the use of A/V equipment.
  • Customize presentations using the SMARTpad system
  • Become a competent and confident presenter!


At last. I've gained the tools to make communication more meaningful and effective.

Walter Wheller Plant Manager


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