Power Presentations… what you’ll learn


  • How to inform, inspire and intrigue using a 5-step strategy
  • Use the new SMARTpad to reduce planning time by 50%!
  • Audience bill of rights - how to reach your audience
  • Organize and present a high-impact talk
  • Checklists for efficient presentation planning


  • 9 professional techniques to improve your confidence
  • How to give impromptu talks without notes
  • 7 presentation techniques to spark attention and retention
  • Feedback to identify speaking strengths and ways to improve
  • Managing butterflies - turning fears into cheers


  • Apply 3 key communication principles in every presentation
  • How to avoid death by powerpoint
  • Read and respond to non-verbal signals from the audience
  • How to project credibility and believability
  • Getting the results you want!


It was excellent! I mean really, really good. It's actually quite rare that you go into one of these seminars and really get a bang for your money. I'd rank your workshop as one of the best, if not the best!

Celine Johnson Executive Director