Proactive People Skills… What you’ll be able to do

  • Take charge of your future using 7 powerful maxims
  • Monitor, manage and marshal your people skills more effectively
  • Rely more on your self-aware skills to increase your empathy
  • Create invaluable ‘life lessons’ from your working past

  • Apply the 5 steps of versatility for better working relationships
  • Communicate with confidence… a skill we all need!
  • Utilize your unique strengths to expand your leadership skills
  • Identify the work environment most conducive to your success

  • Conflict... see it as an opportunity, not a threat
  • Use the ‘line walking’ strategy to advance your communication skills
  • Balance your life with four workable strategies
  • Contribute to your organization's bottom line with ‘practical’ people skills

  • Build mutual trust and respect with a ‘personal action plan’
  • Use the peoplePAD to build winning, working relationships
  • Understand the complete you – nature, nurture and noble
  • Apply 3 life-changing principles with all people in your life


This workshop helped me resolve my relational issues at work and as a bonus, gave me skills to be more caring and supportive with my family. Thanks much!

Dan Miron, Senior Account Executive


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