Proactive People Skills… sample workshop program

Understanding Self

Self-awareness and motivation

  • T•L•C: a practical view of self and others
  • Affirm your unique strengths to any working group
  • Create the work environment most conducive to your success
  • Understand how your ‘guidebook’ impacts your thinking
  • How to move out of your comfort zone for greater versatility
  • Emotions - how to monitor, manage and marshal them
  • The four pillars of character – assess yourself
  • Change reactive thinking into proactive thoughts


Understanding & Working with Others

Other awareness and motivation

  • How to read the temperament of others accurately
  • Predict and minimize potential conflicts with others
  • The art of influence – expanding your leadership skills
  • How to anticipate other's actions and reactions
  • Increase empathy by understanding self better
  • Creating and maintaining a positive work environment


Developing Greater Versatility

Build greater trust and credibility

  • The 5 steps towards versatility
  • Adapting your style when needed by the work group
  • Time management - how others see it and what you can do
  • Difficult people - successful coping strategies
  • Recognize your decision-making style and what works for others
  • Improve your ability to cope with stress, pressure and change


Communicating Essentials

Make a strong and positive impact with others

  • The three best communication skills – ‘line walking’
  • Non-verbal behaviours - what they are and how they help and hinder
  • 6 practices for better communicating with subordinates, peers and managers
  • Motivate others to improve their performance
  • 5 options with listening skills to build trusting relationships
  • Blending and redirecting - expanding your communicating skills
  • Support and assist employees to reach their goals

Building Teams

Cooperative and collaborative strategies

  • What others require for maximum productivity
  • How to encourage interdependence and synergy
  • Structure without strangulation - creating momentum
  • Building a balanced team with focused 'players'
  • Leadership styles that build trust and openness
  • The art of team feedback: when, where and how to give it


Committing to Action

Results for yourself and your employer

  • Take charge of your future by using 7 powerful life lessons
  • Use the peoplePAD – a tool to build winning, working relationships
  • Identity behaviour patterns that enhance your leadership skills
  • Live a life using 21 truths to help you and others attain their potential
  • Apply 3 life-changing principles with all people you meet.



Of all the workshops I've attended, this was the best and most meaningful. The pace and active participation made it easy to learn and apply new insights.

Chris Beckles VP Sales and Marketing


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