Toolkit for Facilitators… sample workshop program


Develop your facilitation potential

  • The 7 attributes of an effective facilitator
  • How to earn and keep the respect of your participants
  • Gap analysis... assessment of potential and promise
  • Participatory values... transitioning to interaction
  • Group decision-making... a realistic model
  • How to foster a group to do their best thinking


Group Dynamics

How to survive and thrive in facilitating

  • Guiding the three stages of group participation
  • Getting the group to take ownership of their ideas
  • Control: how to give it and receive it from the group
  • Moving from divergent thinking to convergent thinking
  • Acknowledging and getting through the 'groan' zone



Structured approaches for productive meetings

  • Designing realistic agendas... critical components
  • How to vary participation formats to build group momentum
  • Facilitative listening skills... how to honour differing points of view
  • Nine ways to help the group achieve inclusive solutions
  • Alternative techniques to handle question and answer sessions
  • Facilitating open discussion... how to manage and monitor the group



Positive results with problem people

  • Where difficult people come from - understanding unmet needs
  • Inventory of typical mistakes and effective interventions
  • Bush fires... how to cope and constructively facilitate
  • Dealing with 'passives and prisoners' in the group
  • Handling out-of-context distractions
  • Facilitating conflict resolution... 4 options
  • How to create a more collaborative environment



Using personal strengths to maximize group growth

  • Your working style - its strengths and areas to be aware of
  • How your style impacts the group and what to do
  • Leaving your 'comfort zone'... developing greater versatility
  • Working with your 'opposites' in the group
  • 3 proactive principles to guide your behaviour in groups
  • 6 tools for strengthening relationships


Sustainable Agreements

Making meetings matter

  • Principles for building sustainable agreements
  • Tools for finding inclusive solutions and reaching closure
  • Using the case study approach to teach convergent thinking
  • Reframing and strengthening good ideas for consensus
  • Striving for unanimity... gradients of agree
  • Action planning - what to practice and when to use


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