Toolkit for Facilitators… what you’ll be able to do

  • Manage a group with competence using structured facilitation techniques
  • Intervene in a group when required using proven, effective strategies
  • Brainstorming with 8 different variations for maximum efficiency
  • 15 chart-writing techniques for you and the group

  • Help the group create realistic meeting agendas
  • Creative tools for managing long lists
  • Use inclusive closure methods to help foster consensus
  • Use 9 different alternatives to encourage open discussion

  • Creative use of visual aids to assist group understanding
  • Bring the difficult person on-side using inclusion strategies
  • Reinforce the group to reach sustainable agreements
  • Teach others your valued facilitation skills through modeling

Full of practical and adaptable skills I can use tomorrow. Thank you!

Polly Collins Customer Information Coordinator


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