Toolkit for Facilitators… what you’ll learn


  • Role of a facilitator - what to do and what not to do
  • Adapt a participatory decision making model
  • 5 techniques to stimulate creative thinking
  • How to bring the group together for collaborative solutions
  • Design realistic agendas... critical components


  • 18 skills every facilitator needs to know
  • Deal with 'prisoners and passives' who can disrupt the process
  • 10 facilitative listening skills to build common ground
  • Practice conflict resolution strategies to help groups meet their stated outcomes
  • 6 techniques to help a group work toward consensus


  • Observe the 3 stages of group growth to help pace the group
  • Discover the benefits of group values to encourage shared responsibility
  • How and when to leave your comfort zone to model versatility
  • 9 ways to help the group develop inclusive solutions
  • Learn the key principles for building sustainable agreements


EXTREMELY interesting and fun and at the risk of sounding like Siskel and Ebert, quite inspiring... two thumbs up! The information and skills are immediately applicable and I'll draw on this experience well into the future.

Barbara Myers Staff Coordinator


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